Princess Seashell, the 49th direct descendant of King Kelp, and daughter of Queen Typhoon.

The Gladiator King, ruler of the Arena, and former Champion. He’s essentially a Warlord.

Angler, Kaw, & Rep drawings from 2020

Roar, a man from the same group of tribes, that can become animals, as Kaw.

Ton, a man from the same group of tribes, that can become animals, as Kaw.

Woof, a man from the same group of tribes, that can become animals, as Kaw. He generally wears shades

The Knight a silent enforcer for a shady group of scientists

Lyra, a mysterious wandering woman

Fox, an elven woman who lives in the wilderness

The Armored darkness, a creature who lives in starless space

The Vampire dog, it’s essentially a dog but only acts at night

Carmen the Harpy, The Mountain Queen

Rebeca… The Vampire Queen, wearing her leading frost armor.

Sunset, The Night Wanderer

The Gloom Swordsmen

Agent Shinigami team member of Agent Anubis, he is a teleporting assassin

Agent Kali team member of Agent Anubis, the four-armed brawler

Mint, The Glowing Assassin

Cast The Unbound

Sleep Walker a woman who travels through nightmares

Chestnut the elf, a woman who travels through the Volcanic dimension

Lynx the woman spider, a bounty hunter

Silent, a woman with a spiked scythe and the ability to mess with others senses

Shush, a woman who can control others with her mind

Moth and Tim

Camo, a woman that can mimic her surroundings with her body by letting light pass through her

Garrote, the strange individual that can telekinetically strangle others.

Pop, a man that teleports by popping his bones.

Still, a man that is able to paralyze people with his eyes

Lead, a man in battle armor who uses tactical tools to give himself the advantage.

Break, a woman in battle armor with medical training and a taser rifle.

Armory, a man in battle armor with multiple weapons

Safe, a woman in battle armor and stealth specialist

Façade, a man in battle armor with a pistol and mimicry skill

Bruiser, a woman in battle armor and energy emitting gauntlets

A Ninja who is forced to always wear a mask

Pistol Shrimp The Knight’s underling

Dr. Vigilante The Queen of Havoc

The heroic hero Rustle

The Space Knight, a knight that was abducted by aliens. He gained cybernetic enhancements and the ability to survive in space.

Tempo the Epoch, a time traveling “wizard man”

Winter Noir a woman in black and white

Astronaut Sam, a space cartograper in the star vessel Charlie

Mina The Cyborg Gunslinger, a vigilante

John Blank, the most powerful human

Blood, The Red storm

Blue, the caped wonder

Fir the tundra explorer

Red the Great

H.E.X.I.S the robotic combat unit.

The Enforcer is a woman that beats people who owe her gang money.

Blondie the gang leader

Aimée the Reaper

Elm, The Ruler of the moon

Shade the wanderer of the wastes

A wanderer ponders his existence, his name is The Snow Man

Burn the Bladedancer

Samantha the hunter

Horn the slayer

Sparrow the bird tamer

Ash The Fire Spirit

Deluge the Storm

The Blade Butterfly

Kai The Fist of Flame vs Reign Blackwing

“Why’d you kill her!!!?” Kai cried.

“To release my power,” Reign answered. “Shall we test it?”


Dance The Earthbreaker

Flora of the Elves

Skull and Ghost The Hunters

The Nightwander

Hiroto the Warrior, Sally the Wizard, and Lylla the Shape Shifter on an adventure in the night forest

Not much is known about this swordsman excluding the fact he seems to exude a pleasant façade.

Lady Snow the 17,800,501,007th Oueen of the Ice elves Wielder of the Blizzardous Spear.

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